Monday, November 30, 2015

Haven't posted in awhile! Life has gotten much busier since 2014.
I'm currently working on metadata for the Excel database Sam created at the beginning of our project. The idea is to identify buildings in each view. The database is now over 70 pages long!
Also, going down the streets again to be sure we got the correct views. I bought a new, more sophisticated Epson scanner and will scan all the 1978 negatives. One of the photos from the scans we did a couple of weeks ago looks pretty darn good considering how old the negs are!
I'm creating a calendar of some of the old images for family members. It means taking prints out of the beautiful mattes and scanning a few of them. I'm a little worried about affecting the prints; I've taken care of the old ones for 34 years now. But they should see the light of day--occasionally, anyway.